Done-In-A-Day (DIAD)


In addition to large ongoing programs, JLSB’s Done-In-A-Day (DIAD) program provides a dedicated group of JLSB volunteers to nonprofit agencies who are limited in achieving their goals due to lack of women power, but which do not have a need for League volunteers on an ongoing basis.

The DIAD program enables the League to assist Community agencies on short, intensive projects that can be accomplished in a one-time evening or weekend effort.


Done-In-A-Day (DIAD), is a program focusing on supporting new and on-going projects and events that positively impact our community in all areas.  DIAD provides elected projects with volunteer support to ensure completion and success of the events involved.  If your program can be developed in a one-day project and your target is to create and/or strengthen South Bend’s sense of community involvement, your organization could benefit from partnering with us.

Application Process

  1. Preference will be given to applications for 2017 received by December 15, 2016.
  2. Each application will be reviewed by the DIAD Committee to ensure it meets all criteria listed below.
  3. JLSB reserves the right to evaluate and accept applications based on DIAD guidelines, the JLSB membership calendar and JLSB members’ schedules.
  4. The chair of the DIAD Committee will notify applicants within 30 days whether or not the JLSB DIAD Committee can/will provide the requested volunteers.

DIAD Application

Criteria for Eligibility

  1. Project must state clearly defined goals and objectives.
  2. Project must take place within JLSB’s membership area.
  3. Project may not involve fundraising for your organization or concern political or religious matters.  Volunteers will not be provided for administrative needs.
  4. JLSB’s DIAD applications are requests for volunteers or donated items such as canned goods, toiletries, holiday gifts, etc.
  5. Applicants/agencies agree to coordinate all marketing and public relations efforts involving a DIAD project with JLSB’s Communications Vice President. All promotional materials, which include our name and logo, should be approved by the President and Communications Vice President prior to use. Applicants agree to give JSLB appropriate sponsor credit by including the JLSB name and logo on advertising, flyers, brochures and other materials created to advertise the event or project.
  6. Applicants/agencies agree to highlight JLSB’s DIAD project in agency newsletter following completion and send a copy to Community VP and DIAD Chair.