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Nutbread and Nostalgia

Since 1979 and sales of 50,000, the Nutbread and Nostalgia cookbook had sold out by the mid-2000s. This cookbook had been distributed to 100 local merchants and was featured in trade shows by The Junior League of South Bend members. Members gifted this celebrated book to families and friends throughout the country.

In honor of the Junior League of South Bend’s 75th Anniversary, Nutbread and Nostalgia returns by popular demand with it’s 75th Anniversary reprinting!

Past published reviews of Nutbread and Nostalgia included consumer descriptions as “5 stars,” “A Treasure,” “Classic,” and “A Must-Have Cookbook.”  A range of cuisines with top recipes from Junior League of South Bend members and the local community were prepared in their homes and taste tested several times by other individuals.

Treasured past recipes were combined with modern conveniences. The charm of this cookbook (just over 300 pages) is captured in the simple, homestyle Midwestern recipes, many of which were handed down from generation to generation.  More modern recipes complemented the collection in this cookbook.  Sections include: hors d’oeuvres and appetizers; beverages; brunch and luncheon dishes; soups and sandwiches; breads; salads and salad dressings; poultry and game; fish and seafood; menus; beef and veal; lamb and pork; vegetable and side dishes; desserts; cakes; pies; cookies, candies and condiments; substitutions; metric and equivalents; acknowledgements; and an index.

Contributors of treasured vintage photographs include local community members, The Northern Indiana Historical Museum, and the Library of Congress.  Midwest living near the 20th Century is depicted through sepia images and appropriate quotations that capture “unique warmth and spirit of Americana.”

Click here to purchase your Nutbread and Nostalgia cookbook https://members.jlsouthbend.org/?nd=store

Nutbread and Nostalgia

Early Childhood Development

The Junior League of South Bend, Inc. has impacted various realms of the community through its members’ voluntarism and financial investment through the years. Most recently, JLSB has adopted the issue of “Improving Education in our Community” with a particular focus on “Early Childhood Development”. The membership has been immersed in learning how to affect meaningful impact in this arena and JLSB has established many new relationships with common stakeholders.


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