Training For Our Members

Training is what we do! The training that the Junior League of South Bend provides to volunteers is what sets this organization apart from other volunteer organizations. There are many valuable ways to simply volunteer in the community, but the JLSB Mission is to also develop the potential of women, creating civic leaders of tomorrow. The goal as an organization is achieved through the dedication of trained JLSB Members who choose to share their expertise in voluntarism with other community organizations.

New Member Training

The initial months, as a new member, are devoted to training. New Members receive a core curriculum of history, organizational structure, procedures and hands-on volunteer opportunities for community involvement.

Volunteer Placement

Active members have an opportunity to choose their volunteer placements each year, either on a community committee placement, or an internal committee placement such as fundraising, communications, finance or membership areas. Volunteer placements offer hands-on opportunities to learn different skills, collaborate with various agencies and have varied experiences each year. Members are encouraged to stretch their capabilities and make a difference in multiple sectors.

Training Committee

The Training Committee offers an annual training each year with notable speakers and topics. Throughout the year, trainings are included in many of the seven General Membership Meetings. Trainings are focused on the three targeted areas of development: professional, personal, and volunteer leadership. JLSB strives to educate its members about the community and to be innovative in approaches to changing lives.

AJLI Trainings

All Junior Leagues have the opportunity to participate in international level conferences across the country through membership with the Association of Junior Leagues International, Inc. (AJLI). Our League invests funding in developing the potential of its members through nominating members for attendance at the annual Organizational Development Institutes (ODI). Part of the preparation for serving as President of JLSB includes participation in up to six different trainings with other League leaders from around the world.

Community Training Opportunities

Our League is devoted to developing the potential of its members. Members are encouraged to participate in local community trainings, symposiums, seminars and workshops to engage in various forms of education.